I am an independent provider of Spanish interpreting and translation services specialising in the following fields:

::  Conservation and environmental topics  ::  Film and current affairs  ::

::  Respectful parenting and social issues  ::  Travel, tourism and advertising ::

::  Official documents: birth and marriage certificates.

Differences between interpreting and translation

Interpreting deals with spoken language, translation with written language. While some practitioners do both, interpreting and translation are different professions requiring markedly different skills, e.g. oral communication and public speaking vs written communication and copy-editing skills.

As a rule, competent interpreting reflects the content, register and style of the original utterances taking into account the context and purpose of the discourse. Likewise, a good translation accurately reflects the content, register and style of the original text taking into account the field, audience and purpose of the translation.

The range of interpreting settings in which I work include: international conferences, exhibitions, festivals, meetings and interviews. As of 2010, I no longer work in courts and tribunals, and I do most translation and subtitling work from my home office.